Dr. Zywiec Zhiv Zhits

Dr. Zywiec attended The Ohio State University and graduated magna cum laude in biology with a minor in chemistry while conducting and publishing research in both lipidomics and protein biochemistry. His studies ranged from inflammatory cascades in phospholipase D, thermodynamics of MARTX toxin in V. cholera, and actin plastin dynamics as related to cancer metastasis. He would graduate a member of Sigma Xi, Sigma Alpha Lambda, Golden Key, IDLS, a 2x Chic Harley Scholarship recipient, and a Denman winner. He would then go on to accept The Chancellor’s Circle Legacy of Excellence Scholarship to a dual MD/MS Program at St. George’s University School of Medicine, being duly trained in neuroalgorithmic assessment of neuroimaging at The University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. He graduated medical school cum laude in 2019 with Distinction in Research and the Research Commendation Award. Dr. Zywiec specialized in pediatric medicine with a focus on emergency care, and recently opened a clinic dedicated to natural and holistic treatment of chronic illness and vaccine injury.