We engage our legislators in many ways. While they are in session, we work with them to push good legislation, and commit to defeat bad legislation. During session, we provide daily Calls to Action, as Bills pass through the various committees in Tallahassee.

The Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) establishes a variety of state committees to address real issues that are having a negative impact on our society.

Lee County has its own set of community standards and unique circumstances, which may differ from other counties. As such, the LCRA members decide which committees they wish to form and serve on. These committees serve, and answer to, the full Lee Assembly, while sometimes sharing and cooperating with other county's, and the state committees.

These committees identify and analyze problems, provide recommendations that solve the issues, as well as review statutes that need to be updated and or implemented. Passing resolutions as political pressure, and Calls to Action made to elected public servants are just a couple ways we strive to make a difference. Some of those issues/committees are: