FAQs regarding the Composition of the Republican Party, who’s in charge, and how it functions

The “Republican National Committee” is the national party machine of the Republican Party. It is comprised of 3 members from each state party; the state Chair, a National Committeeman, and a National Committeewoman (NC).

The “Republican Party of Florida” is the state party machine. It is made up of 3 members from each county party: the county REC Chair, a State Committeeman, and a State Committeewoman (SCM/SCW). Other states may have slightly different procedures.

The “Republican Executive Committee” is the county party machine. It is made up of 1 Precinct Committeeman and 1 Precinct Committeewoman (PCs) per 1,000 registered voters in each precinct. So, if there are 7,000 registered voters in your precinct, 7 men and 7 women represent YOU in the REC.

The purpose of the REC is to represent the Republican voters in a deliberative body, and provide direction to the board to carry out agreed upon tasks. That may encompass motions, resolutions, policies, etc. Duties of the PCs include representation, as well as filling vacancies in the REC, volunteering to get out the vote (GOTV), and holding our elected public servants to account.

In Florida, the RPOF’s State Executive Committee elects their State Chair, National Committeeman, and National Committeewoman (NCs) from among their ranks. These 3 people represent FL in the RNC.

In 2023, all 3 voted in favor of Ronna MittDaniel.

The Republican voters of Lee County (and every other county) elect the SCM/SCW of their county, in the Primary Election in Presidential Years to serve a 4-year term.

The entire board is elected in December of even-years for a 2-year term, by the REC Members… your Precinct Committeemen and women (who you’ve probably never heard of or met).

The only board member that is a member of the RPOF is the Chair, but the entire board of the county REC is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

If you are registered as a Republican in Lee County… YOU DO.

The Republican voters in each of the 99 precincts in Lee County elect their PCs in the Primary Election during Presidential Election Years… assuming there are more candidates than slots.

If there is no challenger, the sitting REC Members fill the vacancy for the remainder of the existing term. More on this in the next question…

PCs are only elected on the Primary Ballot if there are more candidates than slots. Historically, the county parties have always strived to keep the RECs at around 100 members. Smaller RECs are more easily manipulated and controlled by the establishment.

Virtually, all PCs in Lee County have been voted in to fill a vacancy, rather than elected by the voters. This is because there are less than 300 PCs, and well over 1,100 slots. While this is an improvement over the old normal of 100, it is nowhere near enough.

Yes. Every PC, SC, and NC takes an oath to uphold the Constitutions of Florida and these United States, as well as the laws of both, all combined in the Party Loyalty Oath. We also take a Candidate Oath, required of any candidate, running for any office. This is filed as part of our candidacy filing at the office of the Supervisor of Elections (SoE) and the Secretary of State (SoS).

The short answer is “It’s easier than you might think”.

The LCRA is working on creating a page shortly, for info on becoming a PC in Lee County. We will include the latest application form and instructions. In the meantime, follow Dan Schultz’s in-depth program, ‘Precinct Strategy’ and familiarize yourself with the strategies to Make Lee County Great Again, and to keep it that way.

Top-Down is like a sole-proprietorship or small corp. where an owner exercises sole discretion over his/her business with unilateral control. While this is appropriate in private business, in politics examples are a kingdom, a dictatorship, or the Biden Administration.

The union of these United States was formed as a Bottom-Up political entity, with ‘We The People’ as the sovereigns, and the politicians as our servants, not masters.

The REC/RPOF are supposed to be Bottom-Up organizations, whereby the members of the Executive Committees jointly provide the propulsion, steer the ship, and give direction to the board to carry out those directives. The board is neither the engine, nor the driver. They are the pit crew. They keep the car running between laps.

FAQs regarding the Republican Assembly

No. While many of our members are also PCs, they are not interchangeable. You don’t have to be a PC to join LCRA, and you don’t have to join LCRA to be a PC. But, we certainly encourage both.

The Republican Assembly is the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party.

The Assembly started in the 1930’s in California. In fact, it was the Assembly that was responsible for getting Ronald Reagan elected as Governor of CA. Reagan called it his “favorite Republican Organization”. Without that victory, he never would have been elected President.

The Assembly went national in the 1990’s and became the “National Federated Republican Assemblies” (NFRA).

Many states are chartered under NFRA, and many more are getting chartered every year. The Florida Republican Assembly (FRA) has been in existence for many years.

The Lee County Republican Assembly was formed in August 2023, after many long-term REC members were let down by their own “America-First” slate in the REC. It became apparent that supposed “America-First” board members were working relentlessly behind the scenes with some RINOs, against the ‘Ban the Jab’ and ‘Vote Accuracy’ Resolutions, both of which passed anyway, and with 85-90% support of the REC Members.

The first step is to read the info and fill out the form at the bottom of this link. We will then verify you are registered as a Republican in Lee County, and you will receive an email with the link to join.

While the Lee County Republican Assembly is a private organization, which could arguably conduct its affairs in a Top-Down structure, with a mix of Bottom-Up aspects, we have chosen to create a shining example of Bottom-Up structure in action. Our members enjoy ‘ownership’ of the Assembly, like stockholders.

Think of it like this…
If every decision has to go through 1 person, or even 5 people, that’s the number of lanes your highway has. The “America-First” movement needs to be “50,000 lanes… no waiting”.

With that said, the board, or any experienced member, is available to offer advice and mentoring, and the full Assembly always has the final say.

Every Member of The Lee County Republican Assembly is in direct control of their own politicking. We encourage members to serve on as many committees as they feel comfortable handling.

Members choose what committees they serve on, if any. Those committee members elect their Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.

The committees answer directly to the full Assembly, not to the board or president. They set their own committee meeting frequency, as well as content and direction. They deliberate what action items to present to the full Assembly for a vote. The Assembly, not the board, approves, denies, or gives direction back to the committees.


There is no minimum in the rules, of how long you have to be a Republican to join the Assembly. 

The REC/RPOF requires that you are registered as a Republican for at least 365 days, in order to keep party-jumpers out. We are less concerned with quantity, and more concerned with quality; and therefore employ a more comprehensive vetting process than the REC is allowed by law.

No, although we certainly hope you will become a member. You can still attend meetings, or even volunteer at events, as a guest. However, only members can vote on issues that arise, and only members can participate in the action committees. And, members are exempt from the $5 suggested donation to attend meetings.

Usually. If you live in a neighboring county that does not have an Assembly yet, you can join our Assembly. We will even assist you in forming a chapter in your county, if you would like. If you are a part-time resident, it gets tricky. Technically, you are supposed to be a registered Republican in Lee County. But, if you spend half the year here and half up north, you could join, especially if your county up north does not have a chapter. If you are an Assembly member in your home state, then you would be like a travelling dignitary, on a mission of hope and goodwill.

The Assembly is not a club under the control, or at the direction of the REC/RPOF.

We are an independent political organization, with the freedom to endorse candidates, raise and expend limitless funds, for true conservative issues and candidates, or to defeat feckless reckless issues and candidates.

FAQs regarding political issues

That’s a complicated question, with several parts.

  1. Republicans must refuse to participate in the Uniparty (dems and Republicans in the ‘Elite Ruling Class’, waging war against ‘We The People’).
  2. Republicans must uphold both state and federal Constitutions above ‘party loyalty’, which is nothing more than faction loyalty.
  3. Republicans must be America-First. This should be a no-brainer. But for some RINOs, it’s a source of contention. You can’t be America-First and at the same time, allow the tyranny that’s taking place. Together, we must:
    • Ban the Bioweapon Jab that was designed as an intentional depopulation tool – Stop the theft of our very lives
    • Return to Same-Day Hand-Counted Paper Ballots – Stop the theft of our elections
    • Secure the Border – Stop the theft of our sovereignty and resources
    • End Human Trafficking, CRT, LGBTQUEIEIO, (and any future invention designed to take the hearts and minds of our youth) – End the theft of our children; our future
    • Free the J-6ers, many of whom were imprisoned for 20 years over a misdemeanor, and worse yet, a misdemeanor they are innocent of – Stop the theft of our God-Given Right to Seek Redress of our Gov’t, as protected by the First Amendment
    • End Biden-flation and CBDC – Stop the intentional theft of our entire economy
  4. Republicans in positions of authority need to begin arrests, trials, convictions, and carry out sentences for Treason… real Treason, such as:
    • The J-6 setup by the Deep State
    • The intentionally porous border
    • Everything COVID (the problem, the test, and the “cure”)
    • Allowing hackable machines to be used to count the ballots, even when they violate existing laws regarding certification
    • Cooperation between the Deep State and tech companies to silence any and all dissention.

Many FL county RECs enjoyed huge wins by America-Firsters in Dec. ’22 by using the steps outlined here “How to Take Back…”.

Still, not many counties flipped their entire board, like we did in Lee. But, is it possible that a Personal-Glory-Story-Seeking, Slimer-Climber could repeat all the correct buzzwords, but not walk the walk? Actions speak louder than words.

So, did we get “America-First”… or did we inadvertently create the “Me-First” Movement?

Perhaps we’re so close, but just need to tweak things a bit more, and make some fine-tuning adjustments.

Let’s begin with identifying whether the unity of the democrats is a good thing, or a bad thing. Yes, the Dems unify… behind ideas that should require and demand scrutiny, and yet they receive neither. This unity has allowed the socialist takeover of one of the 2 major political parties of these United States. I call that a failure, not a model we should strive to emulate.

Yes, Republicans debate each other on issues. Done appropriately, that should strengthen our Party, not weaken it. We should encourage healthy debate, so that the cream of ideas rises to the top, and weaker ideas are not given undue momentum.

If your ideas can’t hold up under friendly scrutiny, how will they stand the test of being pitted against democrat ideas? And, is this not really just another Deep State Psy-Op, to get the Republican Party to join the Uniparty? The Republican Party must stop being controlled-opposition to the left, deep state, globalist cabal’s controlled burning of the republic. We must become real opposition to what they are doing to the USA.

This is not the old argument of “United we stand, divided we fall”. This is the older observation of Nero fiddling, while Rome burned. Behind closed doors, the Uniparty is quite united, each playing their part in a treasonous play, pretending to be against each other, while really playing a dangerous game of Tyranny-Heavy VS. Tyranny-Lite.

FAQs regarding what steps are needed to take the Republican Party back after decades of 'NeoCons'

The LCRA is not here to “fight your battle for you”, but to provide the platform, and fight it WITH you. As a member of LCRA, along with an army of activists banding together and fighting for the Constitutional solutions to the problems we face, we will all be armed with the tools to accomplish our specific individual goals, as well as our mutual goals. 

Many hands make for light work. As a coalition of conservative Constitutionalists, we must make a difference. But, YOU are the most important element in that strategy.

The Assembly has always been the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party. We are the shining example of action over empty promises and controlled-opposition. We walk the walk, not just talk the talk, leading by example and accomplishing conservative goals.

Unlike the REC, we can endorse (and get elected), True-Constitutional Conservatives, instead of the hand-picked, easily manipulated, do-nothings that so many of us have complained about for so long. But, we can’t do it without YOUR help. Please Get Involved.

Robert's Rules of Order - 12th Edition

Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised – 12th Edition