The Globalists at the UN and WEF, with their "Thousand Points of Light", have infiltrated every aspect of human existence.

They actually believe themselves to be, and/or are trying to make themselves, smarter/stronger/wealthier, and more 'elite' than "We, the People".

They know that we really are stronger than them, because of our commitment to His laws, rather than adherence to demonic forces. Their goal is to create the institutional controls to bring about their "ideal" dystopian nightmare of Transhumanism.

Knowing this, we must set out to dismantle their mechanisms of control.

It is crucial to understand how every issue we face is an integral puzzle piece, which works with all other puzzle pieces to bring about The Great Reset, ushering in the Anti-Christ

This page will be dedicated to WEF/WHO's part in bringing the puzzle pieces together. As the pieces begin to fit together, you will begin to see Satan's image emerge.

URGENT Call to Action

James Roguski Substack

James Roguski Substack