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  1. The resolution will be presented to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners once passed. The deadline to submit it is Friday, April 26th, 2024. Otherwise, it won’t make it on the agenda for the next meeting.

    Please comment any debate, motions, or amendments here. When debate is closed and the question called, you may cast your vote here.

  2. Grammar correction; the top paragraph on page should read (in part)

    “ICE tenders ICE Detainers for Illegal Criminal Aliens to every Sheriff’s Office (formerly known as “catch and release”, now “identify and arrest”). Unless it’s a violent felony arrest, ICE requires the detaining/arresting agency to release them back into the general population. The Sheriffs Office has both a copy of the detainers and arrest records. Arrest records as well as Clerk of Courts Records for scheduled trials of Illegal Aliens (or Non-Citizens) are stored with both County Constitutional Offices and”

    1. 2 points:
      1) Mick pulled that language from official docs.
      2) Removing that “and”, and changing it to 2 separate unrelated sentences may seem grammatically correct, but I think that the “and” serves a legal purpose.

      In other words, grammatically reduce the sentence to :
      “ICE tenders Detainers to agencies, and requires them to release them.

      But, since I’m Switzerland, I’ll leave it to Mick to 2nd your motion to amend, or argue against it.

    2. Ken,
      Mick is still having difficulty getting on here to comment. We think it’s a browser issue. In the meantime, he asked me to post his response, which I view as a ‘consent to reword’, which requires no amendment. If there’s no objection to the following, I’ll rework the PDF and get it updated as Rev3:

      “I see how confusion was created and the case was trying to reduce redundancy (Illegal/Legal Alien[s] and Florida Resident/non-Resident) however point taken: the offending sentence reads:

      “ICE tenders Detainers to agencies, and requires them to release them.”

      It NEEDS to read:

      “I.C.E. tenders Detainers to Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, then once notified, Requires the Law Enforcement Agencies to Release the Illegal/Legal Alien Offenders as long as no crime of violence was involved in the detainment/arrest.”

      *Since we’re only seeking Official Public Records of Arrests/Detainments to be furnished to, and/or Reviewed by, the SoE for a potential Illegal/Legal Alien Registrant [aka Non-Citizen] on the Valid Voter Rolls of Lee County (or possibly a multitude of them at the address provided to Law Enforcement), the goal was/is to keep it simple. Hopefully, this proposed, updated sentence addresses any potential confusion/concerns?

      Most Respectfully,

      -Michael “Mick” Peters

  3. So good to see our Assembly making common sense steps to secure our elections!!
    I feel that the word “should” in the ‘Be it resolved’ sections isn’t strong enough or exactly the message I would want to convey.
    Also, I see some minor grammatical and typographical errors that will not change the spirit, meaning, or outcome of this resolution. I see no need to hold up the vote but my yes vote, would be contingent upon the grammatical and typographical errors being corrected.
    Great job everyone!

    1. Mick and Rachael will be making the minor corrections overnight, so the resolution can be submitted to the BOCC in the morning. Thank you to all who have worked so hard on this important step, with such short notice.

      I realize many of you have already given your vote of approval (yeah), even though technically the question hasn’t been called. Many members noted that they would not be available tonight, so they voted early. Several members never replied to the email, or set up a user login. Those members are receiving the PDF by email now. So, without further divested energy…

  4. Seeing no further discussion, I call the question. All those in favor reply to this thread with “Yeah”. All those opposed, reply “No”. All those who have already replied in the affirmative will be treated as a “Yeah” vote, unless they vote “No” below. Voting “Approved” before, and “Yeah” now will NOT count as 2 votes. There are no deceased democrats here. Voting will close at 9am Friday.

  5. The edits have been submitted to me for re-publication of Rev4. You may need to refresh your browser. The easiest way to tell is that the PDF above is now framed in a radius box, and shoud be centered on the page.

    The only changes, other than typo/grammatical, were some rewording and additional ‘Clerk of Court’ verbiage.
    I would strongly urge everyone to re-read at least the entire ‘Be it Resolved’ sections.

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